Jane ConstableSTUDIO_SEVEN_WEB-2


After over a decade working as a professional stylist in salons in Winnipeg and Victoria (The Fix Hair Garage, Lab Salons & Victory to name a few), Jane proudly launched her first salon, Studio Seven, in 2012.

Jane has fine tuned and perfected her cutting, colouring and styling skills with an extensive education in a variety of techniques and product lines, including courses all across North America.

As a student of iconic Aussie hair mogul Kevin Murphy, Jane has kept her styling techniques fresh and exciting.  She continues to push boundaries and explore the ever evolving world of hair with frequent trips to Vancouver to attend La Biosthetique trend shows & classes.

It’s difficult for her to choose her favourite aspect of being a stylist, but when pressed she confesses she has always had an obsession with creating the “perfect blonde”. Having been one herself for the majority of her life, she has a deep understanding of the needs of a blonde and works hard to achieve the most idyllic shades and tones for them.

Cutting men’s hair has always been a huge passion as well for Jane, as this is really where it all began for her. The early part of her career was built on men’s cutting and styling, something for which she has a natural talent.   She continues to see the same wonderful guys to this day that helped propel her in this industry.

Jane is best known for her signature laugh and her love for all things related to hair and the health of hair. She cherishes her relationships with her clients and co-workers alike, and looks forward to going to work everyday and always takes the time to listen carefully to her clients needs.


STUDIO_SEVEN_WEB-48Andrea Bomhof


A graduate of the Aveda Institute, where she received the highest GPA in her class, Andrea loves the art of cutting and styling hair and thrives on the creative process that allows her to constantly grow as a stylist.

Andrea has a keen eye for fashion, style and hair that will simply inspire and excite you. Take a look at her own fabulous style and you’ll see she has a unique gift for vintage touches, artfully paired with a modern twist.

She is a natural when it comes to working with people and making them feel at ease.  In fact, it’s been her personal experience growing up with fine hair that has magnified her understanding of what it takes to cut, colour and style it to perfection and has made her the fine hair expert here at Studio Seven.

Her real connection to you allows her to tap into and expose your natural your beauty inside and out.  Andrea cherishes her relationships with her friends, family and clients and is grateful that her career as a stylist allows her to stay connected.

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STUDIO_SEVEN_WEB-46Gabby Guglielmi


Our lovely Gabby is pursuing a new career with the Saanich Police Department. We will miss her so much, but we wish her all the best in her new job! You’ll always be a part of our Studio Seven family, and you’ll be missed so, so much. Thank you for being an incredible member of our team and for all of your meaningful contribution over these past five years.  We love you Gabster!  Good luck.  Have fun.  Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.  Take lots of pictures.


SSS_headshots-101-2Emileah Gates


Emileah is truly passionate about hair and as friendly as they come. Her thorough approach to determining exactly what you need and want from your hair makes her an ideal choice for hesitant newcomers or for someone who needs it to be just right.

She is obsessed with colour and “hair painting” in particular. constantly keeping on top of the latest and greatest techniques keeps this girls fires burning.

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Seung-Min Yoo


A graduate of both Axis Academy, and Bumble and Bumble University, and with 16 years in the industry, Seung-Min is one of our most experienced artists. He is a masterful cutter, and you will feel the skill in his hands when you’re in his chair.

He looks to the past for inspiration, the present for timeless, contemporary looks, and into the future for incredible conceptual ideas.  He is open, easy going, and will collaborate with his clients to find their next amazing look.

He’s right at home at Studio Seven and we’re thrilled to have him on our creative team!

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SSS_headshots-104Anne-Marie Bozzelli


A graduate of Niagara College in Ontario, Annie is digging exploring her new home on Vancouver Island.  Her skills are unreal and matched only by her personality.  She uses her incredible creativity, and her unparalleled warmth to make her client look and feel wonderful.

She’s swooning over the La Bio colour line, and particularly likes working bright unicorn colours! She’s been doing asymmetrical cuts since before it was cool (since she was a kid cutting her parents hair with her craft scissors).  It’s safe to say hair and beauty is a life long pursuit for Annie.  Right now she’s really loving glamorous do’s and pin up looks, that and getting dressed to the 9′s.

She loves to bake, do yoga, make her own sea glass jewelry and hike with her sweet bulldog Otis.  We are so lucky to have her on the team!

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Paige Boroski


Paige is a graduate of Aveda Institute in Victoria and has been rocking 541 Johnson St ever since.  She loves the beauty industry and the community she has found within it.

Paige is in her happy place when working with colour, particularly bleach-outs, balayage, and colour corrections. She loves textured lobs, and blunt bobs, and wants to create individual looks from grunge/indie to soft and contemporary.  She used to dance competitively, but now busts a move in one of her many pairs of Vans shoes for fun. Her natural artistic abilities have made her a formidable stylist and her winning personality brightens up the room and makes her a blast to be around.

She loves being part of our Studio Seven family for the opportunities it provides her to grow professionally and personally, and we certainly love having her.  Also she has a killer record collection, which we think is pretty cool.

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Frances Park Yallop


Frances graduated from the Aveda Institute here in Victoria. She loves the opportunity to make people feel special, and creates looks you’ll love to wear.   Frances is in love with vivid colours, bold blondes, pastels, and balayage.

She is an amazing team player and brings so much to our family. She has amazing taste in music, and makes us laugh on the regular.



Katie Dondo


We are thrilled to have Katie at the Studio from her hometown of Winnipeg where she attended the Aveda Institute.  She brings with her, her particular and meticulous barbering skills. She specializes in cutting bald fades, beards, asian hair, indian, and afro-textured hair, and challenging, thick hair brings her joy to work with.

She runs the gamut in the colour world as well, and used to do some amazing, wild colours on herself!  Even going entirely white blond on one side, and then under her swooping side bangs, melting blue to red to purple.  Very beautiful, and dramatic. She’s in love with the world class La Bio colour line we use here at Studio Seven.

She’s an artist outside of the salon as well, and is a beautiful singer.

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Sarah’s experience in the beauty industry over the past few years has given her an immense respect for the beautiful looks produced by the Studio Seven team on a daily basis.  Sarah loves the support that each and every team member gives to one another, but also the smiles from each happy client once they have seen their new look.

With a background in make-up artistry, Sarah has a keen eye for detail which she applies to everything she does to keep the salon running in tip-top shape.  When Sarah isn’t at Studio Seven, you will find her doing anything that gets her moving (hiking, biking, running, you name it).  Seriously, if she could be in the great outdoors all the time, she would.

Not only is Sarah passionate for all-things active she also has an incredible voice that has taken her around Europe when she sang in a Motown cover band for six years.

I know, right? She’s an all-around awesome girl, and we are so lucky to have her.

courtCourtney Bell


Talk about a ray of sunshine!  Courtney never stops smiling, she’ll make you feel like a million bucks as soon as you walk through the door.

Coming from a background in hospitality, she’s got great customer service, and can multitask with the best of them. She’s looking to expand her knowledge in the beauty industry and is so excited to be working alongside such creative and inspiring people.

She’s a fan of effortless looking styles, natural waves, and beachy blondes.  You’re gonna wanna come in and get a daily dose of smiles from Courtney.

STUDIO_SEVEN_WEB-50Nick Stipanovich

Owner, Manager

As Studio Seven’s front-end administrator and multi-tasker extraordinaire, Nick employs his creative know-how developed through education at Pacific Design Academy (Architectural Design graduate) and visual media expertise as partner in the award-winning wedding photography team, The Best Men.